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(like) kraft dinner
02 September 2011 @ 09:29 am

- get a clean bill of health
- save 3000$ for starting up (plus cost of tuition ~6000$)
- get a student/work visa

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(like) kraft dinner
02 September 2011 @ 01:29 am
Extremely interesting article: Best Alternative to Grad School

If you are thinking of going to graduate school, you need to understand that the process of discovering what value you bring to the adult world is a very hard process to endure. Because you are probably smart, and you like to learn, and most jobs are not about paying you to learn. You have to create that for yourself.
(like) kraft dinner
15 February 2011 @ 12:54 am
Just wanted to share a link to a special vday mix... enjoy!

Check it out here!!!
(like) kraft dinner
12 August 2009 @ 01:17 pm
i've been wrong before
(like) kraft dinner
16 July 2009 @ 01:19 pm
Quotes & stuff.